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Route 65 Harley-Davidson® Shop offers free demo test rides on select Sundowner™ Seats for Touring, Softail, Dyna and Sportster motorcycles. Stop in today and try out a new seat for your ride.

The Sundowner™ Seat is the benchmark for seating comfort. It combines a deep bucket design with generous padding to deliver maximum comfort for both rider and passenger. Harley-Davidson® seats are quality constructed for maximum durability with high-quality vinyl and leather seat covers as well as form-fitting molded seat pans optimized to provide maximum comfort and durability.

Not every seat is available to demo test ride, but we are assured that we can help you find the correct seat for your needs and desires.

A Seat For Every Style

Harley-Davidson has a wide range of seat types available to accommodate any rider’s needs, whether your
customers are looking for comfort and/or style in a solo or two-up seat.

Ergonomic/Position Seats – Designed to place shorter or taller riders in the best relationship to
the controls for a confident, comfortable ride.

  • Reduced Reach® and Super Reduced Reach® Seats are tailored to shorter riders
  • Tallboy® Seat is specifically made to allow taller riders some room to stretch out