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As a rider, style and airflow management are the key characteristics you look for in a windshield. The best way for you to know you’re purchasing the right product is by being able to try the windshield on your own motorcycle first. The Wind Splitter Demo Program drives home the “try it before you buy it” concept. Allowing you to experience the advantages of the Wind Splitter Windshield firsthand will give you confidence in your purchase decision.

When you are ready to upgrade your ride with a new windshield, Route 65 is the place to go. Look for the Wind Splitter Demo Program display and talk to one of our knowledgeable Parts & Accessories experts about product features and benefits and to arrange for a demo.

About the Wind Splitter Windshield

The shape of the Wind Splitter Windshield is the perfect combination of effective airflow management and “wow” styling. The sweeping design complements the shape of the fairing and the inner dash panel and the Wind Splitter Windshield adds height over a traditional low-profile wind deflector, in the center, where it counts. The shape decreases wind noise and improves your ability to hear your motorcycle’s sound system. The rich smoked finish does not interfere with your forward view and looks great against any paint color. The easy-to-install Wind Splitter Windshield features a center mount Bar & Shield medallion for a distinctive finishing touch. Other advantages include:

  • A clear view of the road ahead
  • A contoured style for the ultimate cruiser
  • Hard-coated for amazing durability

Road Glide® Wind Splitter available in:

  • 9" Dark Smoke
  • 15" Light Smoke
  • 12" Dark Smoke

Electra Glide® Wind Splitter is available in:

  • 4.5" Dark Smoke
  • 10" Light Smoke
  • 7" Dark Smoke